Davenport hospital offers free photos to prom-goers

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A local medical center is offering free photos for teens heading to prom. They want to help create good memories and stress one important message: “We want to see you before prom… Not after!”

Teens and their dates can come to Genesis Medical Center in Davenport, Iowa to have their photos taken in front of the fountains on the hospital’s campus.

A professional photographer will be on site on Saturday, April 27 from 3-6 p.m. Each individual will receive a free 5-by-7 color photo. There will also be an option to have the photos uploaded to Facebook, rather than receiving a print. Davenport Central, Davenport North, and Davenport West will be celebrating proms on this day.

Upon getting their photos taken, prom-goers will be asked to sign a pledge that they will not use alcohol or drugs on prom night, they will use their seatbelts, and they will not be distracted drivers. After signing, they will be entered in a drawing for a $100 gift card.

No reservations are required for the photos. For more information call 563-421-9275.

Genesis offers some tips for parents and teens when preparing for the big night.

  • Have a plan with your date and friends ahead of time, and discuss the plan with your parents.
  • Plan ahead on how to say “no” if offered alcohol or drugs throughout the evening.
  • If plans change, keep your parents informed.
  • Keep an eye on your group of friends to ensure everyone is safe and that the driver okay to do so.
  • If you become uncomfortable have a way to reach your parents.