Sylvan Island Bridge closed until further notice over safety issues

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A Quad City bridge popular with hikers, bikers, and fishermen is shut down until further notice, off limits over safety issues.

The decision to close the Sylvan Island Bridge in Moline was made earlier this week after an inspection by the city.

"Because of the concern we have that even a very light load could cause the bridge to fail, or the weight of the bridge itself could cause it to fail", said City Administrator Lew Steinbrecher.

City Engineer Scott Hinton says the 112-year-old bridge is a public safety issue.

"At some point the bridge is going to fall in from its weight," Hinton said.

It's a set back for nature lovers who bike or walk to the island. Many were seen ignoring the "bridge closed" sign that went up Wednesday.

"It doesn't look unsafe," said C.J. Martinson, who headed over the bridge onto the island.

But the rusted out bridge has holes and gaps and clear issues of old age. Hinton says one estimate to tear it down and replace it with a prefabricated model have come in around $700,000.

The city and Park Board will begin talking about solutions. The island will remain accessible by boat.