Two Area Elementary Schools Possibly Closing

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The Moline School District is looking to possible close 2 elementary schools.

As part of a three-year plan, the district is recommending that Garfield and Ericsson are closed while Hamilton would be renovated and expanded.  Community information sessions are scheduled at each of the three schools to explain the possible changes.  The first of them is scheduled for Wednesday, April 24th at Ericsson School starting at 6 pm.  The next will be at Hamilton School on Monday, April 29, at 6:00 p.m., and Garfield School on Wednesday, May 1, at 6:00 p.m.

The plan’s objectives are to improve student achievement, provide quality facilities and ensure long-term financial stability.

“The biggest reason why we are excited about this is because it will have academic benefit for our students,” Superintendent David Moyer says.

Some parents aren’t so sure it’s a good idea.  Ericsson School is located in a heavily Hispanic population where many of the students and parents speak English as a second language.

Moyer says this new plan will actually enhance the ESL program as well as other auxiliary programs.  He says the plan will “give the district the biggest bang for their buck.”

The new plan would result in an estimated 2.3 million of estimated annual savings to the budget but Moyer says that is not their main motivation.

The Board Of Education will vote on the plan at its May 13th meeting.

You can find more information on this plan by visiting the Moline School District's website.