Excavation starts in 1990 disappearance of Moline man

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Investigators are taking a new look at an old Quad Cities cold case, and are digging in rural Milan to try and find the remains of Jerry Wolking.

The 52-year old John Deere worker disappeared in October of 1990. His 1988 Chevy Suburban was found in the parking lot of the Quad City International Airport, with blood on the inside, the outside caked in mud.

On Monday, a backhoe, end-loader, and cadaver dogs were brought onto the land to help search for any possible remains of Wolking, a victim of suspected foul play.

A  police source says the location was chosen because it was once owned by relatives of a long-time person of interest in Wolking's disappearance, who has since died.

On Wednesday, the heavy equipment remained on the property, but no one was working. The digging operation had been stopped Tuesday due to the rain and muddy conditions, but is expected to resume later this week.

Sources also say Moline police Detective Mike Griffin re-visited the case earlier this year, and is coordinating the search based on conclusions reached after reviewing prior evidence, and not based on a new "tip".

One of Wolking's sons, Jerry Wolking Jr.,  says he and his sister have recently provided investigators with DNA samples.

At the time he went missing, Wolking was dating a woman whose ex-boyfriend had contacted a private investigator about having Wolking followed.