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Flood cleanup underway

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Even though most of the floodwater is receding, cleanup continues for flood victims across our area.

The Red Cross is giving them some help in the form of cleaning supplies.

Having lived in his home in northwest Davenport for more than 20 years, Matt McDowell knows the damage flooding can do to his living room.

"Whenever it gets three inches of water I get very concerned," said McDowell.

A box of cleaning supplies, courtesy of the Red Cross, was his arsenal of choice as he settled in for a long day of cleaning Tuesday.

"This carpet is still wet here,” he said. “You try to air this out, but, it's kind of hard right now since it's damp."

A big part of the disinfecting process is to use some type of bleach, especially if you have Mississippi floodwater in your home because you never know what kind of germs could be sitting on the surfaces of carpets, floors and baseboards.

"There's a lot of nasty stuff that you don't want to stay in your home," said Sue Anderson, a Red Cross volunteer.

If you have flooding, the Environmental Protection Agency suggests removing standing water and wet materials because they can be a breeding ground for microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, and mold.

McDowell knows all about that.

His asthma makes the cleanup all the more important.

"You can't get mad. You've got to keep on living. There's no need to get mad. This is where I live. I clean up. Erase-replace as I always say."

Tuesday’s cleaning supply distribution was one of many that are planned.

Most of the people the Red Cross helped had flooded basements.

They’ll have more distributions if they’re needed, they say.

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