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Hail To The Chief: A Toast To Our Sammy!

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Back around the Christmas of 2004, my family lost two very precious dogs back to back due to sickness and old age, Samantha and Houston. Both were a Chow/Samoyed mix. Both were playful and great protectors of my family. Both will always have a very special place in my heart. After their passing, we knew we would be dog owners again but owning another dog would not be easy.

aviana and bailey

You see, my daughter is very allergic to most breeds. This made adopting from a shelter almost impossible. We knew she could tolerate being around Sammies and Chow Chows since she had lived with them since her birth. As a family, we decided the friendliness and loyal nature of the Sammy would be our best option for a new dog. The problem came in locating a new Sammy for our family. My wife searched shelters and rescues online but Sammies rarely end up in either place. Of those that we located, all of them were located out of state. Shelters and especially rescues do not send dogs out of state. Due to the nature of rescues they need to investigate the home environment where a rescue dog is placed. After attending the All Breed Show in Rock Island it became clear that locating a new dog for our family was not going to be easy.

Bucket of Sammies

About a year later, after a continual search of shelters, rescues and breeders, we located our sammy! Our sweet Samoyed, Bailey joined our family in the spring of 2006 bringing with him pure puppy love! This week we celebrate his birthday!

Bailey and me