Rock Island church damaged by rains

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A church in Rock Island was condemned after extensive damages.

Calvary International Revival Church’s roof broke through and its basement was flooded because of the heavy rains.

Two years ago, the congregation moved to 13th Street in Rock Island. Church members consist of more than 100 refugees from locations like Rwanda, the Congo, and Tanzania. Temporarily the congregation has moved to the old Zimmerman building.

The congregation will continue to worship there on Sundays until they can raise enough money to fix their church or find a new building.

Pastor Kyulule said because of the location conundrum, the church is losing numbers.

“We like this place because this place is closer to centers of African population here so we are very anxious to remain around,” said Pastor Kyulule.

Mrs. Kyulule said that the main prerogative is to help teenagers so they have a place to worship, keeping them on a good path.