Father and son visit flood areas by boat

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Numerous residents have evacuated their homes, several roads have been closed, and the Rock River hit a record-high flood level during the April 2013 flooding.

Early in the morning on Thursday, April 18, 2013, 28-year-old Rob Baner woke up to a “flash flood alert” on his phone. He figured based on river-level forecasts that it was time to evacuate his home that sits on the Rock River.  That morning the water level was about 6-8 inches on his street, South Shore Drive in Moline.

Baner lives in a home that he rents from his parents, who own another rental home on the street.

Some homes on South Shore Drive have water just inches below the front door, like Baner’s, while other homes have water halfway up the first story.

His parents’ other rental home also has water just below the front door, but the roughly ten-foot tall basement is filled to the rafters with water.

Sunday, Baner and his dad checked on the condition of the flooding in the area. The two traveled down South Shore Drive, in a canoe. Baner said there was about three feet of water under the canoe as they paddled down the road.

Baner said he prepared for the flooding by moving items up to higher levels, away from flood danger.

“Everyone does as much as they can to prepare but this is a historic flood,” said Baner.

The Rock River reached record highs Sunday, and was measured at 16.5 and holding steady Sunday evening, according to the National Weather Service. The previous record was in 2008 when ice-jams caused the river to rise to record-high flood levels.