Mississippi River Rises Two Feet Over Banks

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Davenport Crews are pumping out water on River Drive.

As of 7 a.m. Thursday, the Mississippi River was at 17.26 feet in Rock Island. It is now supposed to crest at 19.7 feet.

The storm water is also still popping off manhole covers on River Drive, causing water to reach the surface. Davenport Public Works crews were pumping water off the surface of River Drive and Pershing Avenue at 5 a.m. Friday.

The Public Works Department is also closing the locks underground to prevent more storm water from reaching the surface. That should push the water south of River Drive, but crews have built up a flood wall to keep the water from reaching the downtown businesses.

The city will collect some water damagedĀ  items from houses that have standing water in their basements. Contact the Public Works Center at 563-326-7732 for more info.

Davenport Public Works still has not said when River Drive will open back up again. To see a map of the detour routes until then, click here.