Morrison Prepares For Flood

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Due to the weather and excessive rainfall, the City of Morrison Public Works Department has declared a Flooding Emergency.

Public Works and emergency crews started sandbagging at 4 am Thursday morning.

Businesses like Schuler Motors have also started flooding preparations.  The dealership, which is along Rock Creek often experiences flooding.  They have moved all of their cars to the top of the lot to protect them from water damage.

The showroom is filled with tools and equipment as well.

“We pulled all the extra stuff up in the show room, it usually doesn’t flood there,” Employee Gary Moore tells us.

City Administrator, Jim Wise is encouraging residents and businesses to be as prepared as possible.

“Get those sand bags down, get your people on call, do what’s necessary.” Wise says, “We are here to help but we can’t hold back those rising waters.”

Anyone wishing to volunteer or having concerns regarding flooding in their neighborhood, please contact Morrison City Hall at 815-772-7657.