Duck Creek floods Davenport basements

Rivers aren't the only area bodies of water on the rise. In Davenport, Duck Creek wreaked havoc on neighborhood basements Thursday morning, leaving homeowners to pick up the messy pieces.

“Our washer and dryer are floating around. Kids' toys are all over the place. There's tools that are destroyed that are floating in the water," said Dawn Kerr, as she surveyed her basement.

Kerr was shocked to find three feet of water in her home Thursday morning, despite purchasing a new sump pump last month.

“I was thinking, 'Hey, let's just get a heater and some chlorine and we now have an in-ground pool.' In-home, in-ground swimming pool -- my kids would be excited," Kerr joked.

Luckily for Kerr, there was a silver lining. Neighbors stopped by to help the clean-up process with a sump pump.

“We don’t see enough of it today. It's just nice to be able to do that. It feels better to give than to receive -- one of the old sayings that stands true today," said Troy Brown.

News Eight's Terry Swails said Thursday evening that Duck Creek should go down rapidly, now that the rain has stopped. For many homeowners, it means the worst should be behind them.


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