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Creek Floods Geneseo Mobile Home Park

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While the heavy rain flooded streets it also impacted some homes. People living in a mobile home park had to gather up their belongings before water got inside their homes.

Roger Winchester had reason to be mad, "I've put like almost six hundred dollars worth of work in this yard and I’m losing it now, not very happy.”

On Thursday April 18, 2013, the Geneseo Creek flooded Maple City Mobile Home Park. Winchester and his neighbors have been through this before, back in 2010 they faced a similar situation.

"My trailer is still recovering from two years ago,” says Winchester.

With teamwork neighbors helped each other get their belongings out of the homes. Neighbors say around seven in the morning water levels were up to their ankles and as the rain dragged on it was knee level. Water had not gotten inside, but with the continued rain they are worried it will.

As some neighbors left for the night others stayed.

"I can’t go anywhere right now. I'm waiting to see what's happening because I got my animals. I'm more concerned about my animals right now,” says Winchester.

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