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Rock River trail is nationally recognized

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A local trail has been recognized as an exemplary water trail and is being added into a national network.

The Rock River Water Trail, according to the National Park Service, is now included in the National Water Trails System.

The trail links 11 counties is Illinois and Wisconsin along the 320-mile river course and is the first national water trail between the two states. It connects access sites, resting places and attractions for people using water crafts.

The National Water Trails System was established to protect and restore America’s rivers, shorelines and waterways. Also, the system is a way to increase access to these points.

“We are extremely pleased and honored to have been designated a national water trail,” said Coordinator of the Rock River Trail Initiative, Greg Farnham.

Farnham also stated that the benefits of being a National Water Trail impact the economy from increased tourism as well as receiving increased protection of resources and assistance with sustainability projects.

The Rock River Water Trail will start using the National Water Trails System logo and will have the opportunity to receive funding when planning water projects.

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