High School Students Explore Medical Programs

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Around 50 Quad City high school students got the chance to spend the day in health care professionals’ shoes. Black Hawk College hosted a health care expo for Rock Island and United Township High School seniors and juniors wanting a career in the medical field.

United Township senior Hailey Moody knows what she plans on doing after she graduates, "You'll always have a job in nursing and I love helping people and someone's always going to need help."

On Friday, April 12, 2013 she got the chance to get a glimpse of her future.

"It gives us like a feeling of what college is like,” says Hailey.

Students got the chance to draw blood, listen to heart beats and even received shock therapy.

"Drawing blood that's something I’ve never done so that was kind of different and kind of scary at the same time, because like you don't know what to expect,” says Hailey.

The expo helped students get a better look at careers other than nursing.

"I just thought it was interesting, because I didn't know much about the career at first, then after hearing about salary they get and the different techniques, I just think it's interesting to get into,” says Rock Island student Dominique Butler who is now looking at a minor in massage therapy.

It also gave them the experience to better prepare them for a life after high school.

"I think it's really good for the students to like do this just because it's something different that would have never done before,” says Hailey.