Pay It Forward: Washer/Dryer Surprise

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LONG GROVE Iowa - While principal Sherri Marceau works with teachers during an in-service day Cathy Daters is ready to surprise her friend and colleague.

"She just goes above and beyond for her students, faculty and staff here at Alan Shepard.  She's just a great person."

"I have a little gift for you.  Pay It Forward and Ascentra Credit Union gave me 300 dollars to give to Sherri because she is just outstanding."

Daters goes on to explain how one particular event prompted her to take action.

"I'm like Sherri what are you doing and she's like I'm washing students clothes and it just touched my heart"

Daters took the good deed one step further adding in her own money and working with a local store to provide a washer/dryer unit for the school.

Sherri says "I'm so touched I just can't believe the kindness of the Dater's family.  Its a definite need in our building something we have always talked about having and needing."

But she is quick to share the praise "I'm lucky its an amazing staff.  I can't say enough good about them, they make my job easy.  I enjoy coming to work everyday and as I said earlier there is not a one of them that wouldn't do this exact same thing. It just happened to be my turn and I got caught with with armful of laundry.  We all help out."

And Daters hopes her good deed will spark everyone here to do the same.

"I just want everyone to Pay It Forward!"