Joe Jonas turns down fan with free concert invite

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(CNN) — Joe Jonas knows how to let a girl down easy.

The singer had to turn down a videotaped request from Pepperdine University student Shaina Kohli to attend her spring formal, but in doing so, he came up with a better offer.

Instead of being her date to the dance, he’s offered to fly her out to the opening concert of his tour this summer.

Kohli, a senior, filmed a humorous three-minute clip outlining all the reasons why Jonas should be her date to her sorority’s spring formal this weekend.

“I thought, who should I ask to my formal? And then I thought, I should cross something off my bucket list,” she says in the video. Others chime in to tell Jonas that he should go with her because she’s “hot,” “spontaneous,” “loves God” and because “it’ll actually be the best night of [his] life.”

Unfortunately, Jonas is busy on the night of the spring formal. But he took the time to not only respond in a hilariously bizarre video of his own, but also surprise Kohli on NBC’s “Today” Thursday.

The morning show played a bit of Jonas’ video, which shows the 23-year-old singer lounging in a NASCAR racing suit while a shirtless saxophonist sets the mood with some slow jazz.

“Hello you little sassy thing, you. It’s your friend, Joe,” the JoBro says in the clip. “I have a proposition for you. On July 10, in Chicago, Illinois, I would like to fly you out, escort you to my concert of the opening tour … I want you front row, or on stage, your choice. We will have an amazing time together.”

Kohli was caught by surprise when “Today” played the snippet on Thursday, but she was even more surprised to see that Jonas was standing just a few paces away from her in disguise.

When he took off the wig and mustache to give his formal offer, Kohli agreed. “I guess it’ll do,” she joked.

Click here to see Joe Jonas’ response video.