Dutch the Cat’s Memory Lives On

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It’s the anniversary of the day that Dutch the cat was found brutally abused and ended up passing away. The community still remembers him three years later.  The Henry County Humane Society helped fund the vet bills for Dutch, but they never expected the nationwide out pour that they received. Thanks to the help of others they are able to save other cats like Dutch.

"I don't think there's probably a day that doesn't go by that we don't think about Dutch,” says the shelter’s manager, Amy Gadberry.

The Henry County Humane Society got the call three years ago today.

"You hear about animal abuse you don't really think it's going to happen close to you,” says Henry County Humane Society president Karen Russell.

Dutch the cat was found nailed to a pole. The shelter helped fund Dutch’s vet bill.

"We established a fund in his name after we got contributions from all over the country,” says Karen.

Sadly, Dutch passed away two days later. The shelter received more contributions than expected and decided to use that money to help other animals.

"I'm sure these people gave us the funds so we could help Dutch and I mean Dutch’s bill turned out to be not very, not even close to what we got. We decided to make a fund so we could help animals that were like him,” says Karen.

To this day they are still getting money for Dutch’s fund and have been able to treat 35 injured strays in the past three years.

Within the next year, they’re hoping to have their new shelter up and running thanks to generous donors.

"It's been a very long dream for us to get a new shelter,” says Amy.

Amy says more space will allow the shelter to help more animals, "Right now we're in 12,000 square foot space and um very cramped for that amount of animals that we do have."

But it’s thanks to the generosity of many that the shelter is able to treat those animals

"If we didn't have the great out pour from this community we couldn’t be here to do what we do."