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First Lady getting “bang regret” from her new hairdo

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First Lady Michelle Obama’s bangs started a trend a few weeks ago, but now she may be thinking twice about her hair-change.

"Bangs are a day to day proposition,” said the First Lady. “Now that they are starting to grow out it is a little irritating."

The bangs have even gotten their own Twitter account, @michellesbangs.

The first sign that the bangs were starting to take a turn for the worst was when her daughter Malia was caught on camera trying to fix her mother’s hair.

Bangs aren’t just a hairy situation for the First Family, but others who try out bangs, often get “bang regret,” according to celebrity hairdresser, Ted Gibson. Gibson says it’s something all hairdressers must consider when giving a haircut.

Hairstylist Kattia Solano lets her customers try faux bangs to take away the fear before deciding on a cut.

“We basically said let’s do something where someone could come in experience the bangs, different styles and they would feel a lot more comfortable,” said Solano.

As for Michelle, she’s got all the approval she needs.

"To address the most significant event of the weekend,” said President Barack Obama during Inauguration weekend, “I love her bangs."