Stolen Tortoise Found in Elevator

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Update: A Tortoise stolen from a Dubuque museum has been found.

KCRG reports that “Cashew” was found in an elevator at the National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium.

The museum believes someone brought the 18-pound animal back, put it in the elevator and pushed the button.

Original story published Wednesday, April 3, 2013.

Directors at a Dubuque, Iowa museum are concerned about their Tortoise that was stolen from its cage.

KCRG reports, “Chashew,” an 18-pound Leopard Tortoise was taken from the National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium.

Directors say to steal the Tortoise, someone had to climb over a 4-foot glass wall.

“Whoever did this heinous act has deprived the children and the adults from seeing what a tortoise from Africa looks like,” said Tom Krause, a visitor at the museum.

Executive Director Jerry Enzler said directors hope whoever took “Cashew” will return it, but at the least, attempt to give proper care to keep the animal alive.

Museum employees say there is a black market demand for people who steal and sell exotic animals.

“The other Tortoise is very lonely now,” said Krause.

“Cashew” is one of the biggest attractions at the facility and part of the museum’s latest exhibit featuring more than 60 turtle species.