Bettendorf School Board budgets for zero growth

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Bettendorf school officials say they played it safe and budgeted for zero allowable growth for the 2013-2014 school year.

Iowa’s legislature has not yet agreed on how much they might increase school funding – and amount called “allowable growth” – for the next school year.

Because that amount has not been determined, Bettendorf officials did not include it in their budget for the coming year.

Once the state legislature agrees on allowable growth for schools, the district will begin planning for possible new positions within the district and determine how much they might be able to decrease property taxes.

“When they convened in January, they should have been setting it for (20)14-15 but we don’t even know our (20)13-14 rate yet,” said director of finance Maxine McEnany.

Davenport’s school board is set to vote on its budget for the next school year at its meeting in the second week of April.