Local Vet Reacts to North and South Korea War

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North Korea has entered a state of war with South Korea and while it’s up in the air what will happen, it has some local vets feeling uneasy.

Korean War Veteran Robert Fitts reminisces about his days in the military. It’s been 60 years since the Korean War, but actions going on overseas today are bringing up old wounds for Robert.

“I’m nervous. You don’t know how North Korea will act in this situation," says Robert.

Some believe North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un is just trying to show his power.

People like Robert hope he is all talk, “Let’s pray that it doesn’t happen. We don’t need another war, we don’t need more lives, and we lost too many lives in wars now.”

Robert says North Korea does have a lot of power and it could end badly for South Korea, “The terrible part is if they use the weapons, the modern weapons they have, they could destroy a lot of South Korea.”

It also could end up costing the U.S.

“There will be a lot of expense and if they have to use the weapons and the ammo,” says Robert.

He says unlike in the past there’s been no signs of Russia or China backing North Korea, which could be an advantage for us. Robert just hopes history doesn’t repeat itself.

“I liked to see tone the rhetoric down and see if we can’t get some more peace negotiations going,” says Robert.