Spring Has Sprung In The Quad Cities

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It finally felt like spring and plenty of people in the Quad Cities took advantage of the warm weather by spending their day outside.

"It's good Friday, no work and  it's above 50," says Brice Jackson who spent his day golfing with his dad and brother.

It was opening day for Duck Creek Golf Course in Davenport and the weather couldn't have been better.

Others spent their day at Schwiebert Park in Rock Island.

"55 out right now, so good weather to be out," says Steve Rind who walked laps around the park with his wife.

Kids had the day off and they made sure to take advantage of the warm weather.

"Enjoying the beautiful sun and nice temperatures after a very long cold winter," says Lynne Scheese who enjoyed her day with her grand kids.

"It makes the day much easier. It gives us something to do rather then sit inside and play with video games or watch TV so we were glad to have good weather and we could play outside," says Lynne.

It's been spring for over a week even though it hasn't felt like it.

"We couldn't tell it was spring. We're glad to see that it actually looks like spring and we can enjoy it," says Lynne.

She just hopes the warm weather is here to stay, "ready to get to the warm temperatures, get in the flip flops, get rid of the coats."