Community Reacts to Rural Sherrard Family

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The news of the deaths quickly spread through the small communities here in Mercer County.  Residents say they are shocked and saddened to see it happen to friends of theirs.

“When you know them it’s just that much more difficult, it’s just heart breaking,” one resident says as she fights back tears.

Community remembers and mourns at vigil.

That resident attends the church that will be holding a vigil starting at 6pm Wednesday night.  It will be held at Preemption United Methodist Church in Preemption.

Some of the people killed in the fire reportedly attended “Wonderful Wednesdays” at the church and that is how members got to know the family.

“They were great people,” the resident says.

A classmate of one of the child says he couldn’t believe the news when his mother told him.

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“It could happen to me.”  The young boy says, “It scares me to know that it’s your close friends and friends that escaped or died.”

The church is inviting everyone to attend the vigil.