Builders work through a chilly Spring

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This season’s late snowstorm made for a “brutal week” according to one contractor in the construction business.

Builders say that cold weather is tough on productivity and morale. And just one year ago, workers were in shorts at this time.

Although weather conditions haven’t been ideal, builders say they cannot slow down, especially with the local housing market on the rise.

One worker said that when the ground freezes, it takes special equipment to thaw it out. The equipment runs hot water over the dirt, and insulation is put on top to defrost the ground. Equipment like this is necessary to keep construction on schedule.

Recalling the week of March 18, 2013, president of Beaver Builders, Bob Buker said it has been an odd season.

“The ground refroze this week, which is very unusual this time of the year,” said Buker. “Next week we’re bringing in special equipment to thaw the ground out in the garages so that we can pour concrete so that we can keep on schedule.”