Hail To The Chief: Ericsson Breeds Mighty Hawks

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The tour continues..and this time it was a trip just down the hill near downtown Moline.  My visit took me to Ericsson Elementary School and Ms. Michael Decker’s 3rd Grade class.  A very special day as it was Career Day.


What a great opportunity it was to share my passion on a topic that I’ve enjoyed ever since I was their age and did they love my stories!  Yes, folks, I was a 100% pure weather geek back then.  These mighty hawks asked some great questions such as how “fun” my job is, to why being a meteorologist is so important especially in this area.    I also addressed the fact that success in the classroom is your ticket to choosing whatever you what to become as you get older.

When I asked if anyone of them would like to be a future meteorologist at WQAD, here was their response:



Uh oh!  I’ve got some competition down the road.  Thanks for a wonderful visit!!  :)

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