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Panel Discusses Affordable Care Act

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There are still questions when it comes to the Affordable Care Act and to try to cut through some of the confusion a special discussion was held in Davenport. A three person panel was held Sunday, March 24, 2013. The panel was made up of employees in the health care field.

Maria Dickman came to the meeting to get more information, "I really wanted to learn a little bit more about the affordable care act obviously it's a little bit complicated.

Speakers discussed the effects of the Affordable Care Act they’ve seen in their jobs and the new aspects of the law that will go into effect over the next year.

At the end people got to address their concerns.

"My concerns definitely would be that we don't get Medicaid expansion because I think that if we don't do that then that will just leave the social safety net not able to catch those who need it the most,” says Maria.

Speakers said the best thing people can do is be educated on the legislation.

"We're going to have to have health care insurance within this year  because by 14 changes are going to be set up so we need to know exactly what it is,” says speaker Sister Pat Miller.

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