Medicaid Expansion Could Insure 150,000 more Iowans

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A group of 23 organizations in Iowa is urging Governor Branstad to accept Medicaid expansion proposed by the Senate, rather than pursue his own Healthy Iowa Plan.

Small business owners, health care providers, and citizen organizations will launch the “Healthiest Iowa Initiative” on Monday at a press conference, said a spokesperson from the group.

Speakers at the conference will be Executive Director of the Iowa Citizen Action Network, Sue Dinsdale; President of the Iowa Alliance for Retired Americans, Jan Laue; cancer survivor from Clear Lake, Iowa, Justin Anderson; and the Executive Director of Progress Iowa, Matt Sinovic.

“Governor Branstad claims he wants Iowa to be the healthiest state, but he’s sure not acting like it,” said Sinovic. “The Healthiest Iowa Initiative will help to educate and empower Iowans to contact the Governor, and let him know the best way for a healthiest Iowa is to accept Medicaid expansion.”

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The conference will be held at the State Historical Society in Des Moines at 8:30 a.m. to launch the initiative and inform Iowans about Medicaid expansion.

Attendants will also be encouraged to sign a petition stating: Iowa has the opportunity to approve a Medicaid expansion as part of Obamacare. We call on Governor Branstad to take this opportunity to help thousands of Iowans rather than pursue a plan that costs more, covers fewer and has no guarantee of federal funding. There are no real reasons - only political rhetoric - for failing to support Medicaid expansion in Iowa.

The Governor has thus far objected Medicaid expansion because of a potential failure on the part of the federal government to honor its commitments, according to a "Healthiest Iowa Initiative" spokesperson.

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The statewide press tour, “Medicaid Madness” will be held on March 27, featuring events in Mason City, Davenport, Cedar Rapids, and Waterloo.