Fire Forces Three from Home

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The Davenport Fire Department responded to a structure fire early Wednesday morning.

It happened at the intersection of 4th Street and Sturdevant at about 4 a.m. Crews spent the next three hours investigating the house.

The building doubles as both a barbershop and apartment building. The barbershop is called Justin's Cuts. The fire department says that three people live upstairs in the building, but they were all able to get out okay. Crews said the structure of the building kept the fire from spreading.

"It does kind of confine the fire to where it goes out," District Fire Chief Rick Flynn said. "But it didn't spread to the rest of the house, so the house has very little smoke or fire damage."

Crews say that the house is still livable, but the tenants may not stay there Wednesday. Traffic on 4th Street is still open in all lanes.