Davenport Community Schools Could Cut Budget by $3 million

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Davenport Community Schools is looking to cut more than $3 million from its budget next year, but it is also looking to do the same thing for the next five years.

The school district does not know how much it will receive in allowable growth from the Iowa stage legislature. A resource committee within the district is looking to cut the building budgets by five percent.

The school district is also looking at adding one student per classroom for kids in grades three through five. That could save the school district $300,000 a year.

As previously reported, the school district is also looking to end open enrollment. Superintendent Art Tate wants a strict transfer policy unless the health of a student is at risk by staying in the same school. Open enrollment allows a student to choose his or her own school no matter where they live.

The school district will continue looking at the open enrollment policy at its board meeting next Monday. The board plans on voting on the $3 million of budget cuts at its board meeting on April 8th.