Rock Island County looks at $20 million new courthouse

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The Community Caring Conference will hold a public forum Monday about Rock Island County's April 9th referendum.

The county's Public Building Commission can only oversee lease payments on the Justice Center and the annex in the county. The referendum would expand the commission's powers. The commission could oversee planning for new capital improvement projects, like a new county courthouse, if voters approve the April 9th referendum.

Approving a new county courthouse would also mean property taxes would increase. Building a new courthouse would mean that a person would pay $13-$20 more per year in property taxes on a home that is worth $100,000.

As previously reported, LRC Developers is also interested in moving the county offices and the courthouse over to the QCIC building, also the old "Farmall Plant" in East Rock Island. The Community Forum starts at 2 at the Martin Luther Kind Jr. Community Center in Rock Island.