Moline checkpoint yields dozens of citations and arrests

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Police lights

Police said they issued written warnings, citations and made several arrests at a St. Patrick’s Day checkpoint just east of downtown Moline.

The checkpoint was held during the late evening hours Saturday, March 16, 2013 and into the early-morning hours of Sunday, March 17 on Fourth Avenue just west of 34th Street in Moline.

State police said such roadside safety checks are “designed to remove alcohol-impaired drivers,” but they also enforce other violations when they are observed.

The Saturday night checkpoint yielded 17 total written warnings.

Police said they also made five arrests for driving under the influence and three other alcohol/drug arrests.

Citations were also issued for registration offenses, driver’s license offenses and occupant restraint (seat belt) offenses.

A total of 33 citations and arrests happened at the Moline checkpoint.