Cost of School Lunches Could Go Up

The Davenport Board Of Education will vote Monday night to increase the cost of school breakfast and lunch by 10 cents.

The cost hike is a federal mandate under the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act which is designed to fight the rising rates of childhood obesity.

The increase doesn't apply to pre-kindergarten students or those receiving free or reduced meal prices.

The district raised its prices by ten cents in the previous school year as well.

The cost increase is the minimum required by the federal government and applies to every school in the country.

“We hate to raise prices,” Food and Nutrition Supervisor Micki Carrington says.  “That just puts a burden [on our parents] and we want it to be as easy as possible so we are going to do the minimum here in Davenport."

If the vote goes through, the increase will apply to next year’s lunches.  The average cost now is $2.17.


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