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Volunteers Prepare for Upcoming Racing Season

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Some Speedway Fire-Rescue volunteers are getting hands on training. It was day two of their annual motorsports conference, just in time for the upcoming racing season. Volunteers got a quick pep talk before putting out a fire, Sunday March 17, 2013. Putting out fires was just the start. They also got training on how to handle patients and extricating someone from a car.

"You learn a lot like that, you get a lot of information out of it, it really helps,” says volunteer Tyler Worton.

There are more than 40 volunteers and they’ve all seen their fair share of accidents.

"When it's your first season, that first time anything happens, rollovers right in front of you,” says volunteer Jessica Gungling.

The crash that sent debris into the stands injuring spectators at this year’s Nationwide Series race in Daytona is a reminder to them that accidents can happen at any time.

"They're just going to be better prepared, more knowledgeable. There's always new safety things coming out,” say Kathy Gile, the organization’s Lieutenant.

When an accident does happen, they’ll be ready.

“You never know what you're going to get when you go out there. It just makes us ready and prepared for anything that happens,” says Gungling.

Racing season starts in April and goes until October.