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Bettendorf High debuts Performing Arts Center

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The curtain is going up for a magnificent addition at Bettendorf High School. This $14.1 million project includes an 840-seat performing arts center that offers a standing ovation for the community.

On Friday, the arts are coming alive at Bettendorf High.

"It's nice outside," said Bettendorf parent Dawn Schroeder. "But you just don't even imagine what it's like until you get inside."

During a time when music and art programs face cuts across the country, these kids from Armstrong School step up and belt it to the back row.

Inside the new performing arts center, it's much more than a theater. It's where young performers are ready to shine. They're building confidence and skills to last a lifetime.

"It's just really exciting to be able to experience it all at once," said Bettendorf sophomore Ellie Stamper.

Stamper and Tommy Tygret are ready to perform. They'll be among the first students to take the stage.

"It will probably be overwhelming at first," Tygret said. "But I'm definitely looking forward to it."

These remarkable renovations put performing arts in the spotlight. It's a real showplace that will serve students for decades to come.

As youngsters get a feel for the impressive stage, it's a salute to a caring community. This is a community willing to support  the arts.

"Taxpayers are always willing to support the school system and promote everything in the community," Schroeder said.

"It's a dream for the kids and the community," added Sharon Tinsman, Bettendorf Fine Arts Boosters.

It's communication through the arts. Something that will stick with students.

"When you walk in there, just the impact of it is like, oh my gosh, this is for performance," Stamper said.

Performances at Bettendorf High ready for opening nights to come.