2014 GED Changes Will Cost You More

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For those wanting to get their GED, they might want to get it soon. Starting next year changes will be made to the test and one of those changes will take a toll on your wallet.

Jonathon Thomas waits patiently to take his first GED test, "I haven't done it yet and I’ve been out of school for like six years.”

He’s hoping to get all six tests done before 2014, because next year won’t be an option for him.

"I won't be able to do it. I won’t be able to afford it,” says Jonathon.

Right now the test is $50. It could go up to $130, which might discourage some people from taking it.

"For many individuals even $50 can be a barrier if they have to take a test, there’s a re-test fee as well,” says Glenda Nicke, Dean of Adult Continuing Education at Black Hawk College.

The test is also changing from how people take it, going from paper to online.

"We do see that as being a challenge only for some individuals who aren’t use to being on a computer,” says Glenda.

Any test passed now won’t be carry over to next year.

"If somebody is in the process now or if they're thinking about it, now really is the time to go ahead and get it finished,” says Glenda.

She also says people who wait might miss out, "We have seen more people coming in. Our G-E-D classes are very healthy right now in terms of enrollment. In fact we have some that do have waiting lists."

For people like Jonathon, it’s their last hope, "It will get me a job, give me some satisfaction that I can graduate and go as far as I need to go. Without it you have nothing."

Black Hawk College is looking at ways to help those who need financial aid.