Flooding Emergency Declared for City of Morrison

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A Flooding Emergency was declared Monday for the City of Morrison.  The Public Works Department is asking for volunteers to help with sandbagging efforts.  If you would like to help, please contact City Hall at (815) 772-7657.

Rock Creek is currently well above it's banks causing areas along Lincoln Road, the roads leading to the Covered Bridge and even the Public Works building to be under water.

The owner of the Family Chef Restaurant was threatened by flooding on both sides of his building.  He rushed to the sand bags early this morning to keep his business from flooding.

The volunteer fire department in Morrison as well as city employees worked to fill and line sandbags as well.  Owner, Ray Dceladini says he is very grateful for the help.

"This community is actually amazing."  Dcelandini says, "They called me from the school and asked if we needed help.  All the kids they want to come and help."

The same building flooded ten years back after a massive rain fall hit.