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Dixon School Board Proposes “Cooling Off” Period

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A questioning and answering meeting was held for parents who had questions regarding the strike. The superintendent for the Dixon school answered any concerns parents had. An announcement was made during the meeting that teachers would have to decide whether or not to come back to school so students can take the ISAT, putting the strike on Hold.

It was a packed house at the VFW hall in Dixon, Illinois on Sunday, March 10, 2013. Among the crowd were parents and teachers.

"Our hope tonight is that everyone remains calm and semi professional,” says parent Lisa Graygiel.

Even police were there to make sure nothing got out of hand.  Teachers took a break from striking and sat in on the forum.

"We feel that the other side needs to step in and answer our questions so we can have a middle ground,” says Lisa.

It was the Dixon school district's turn to take some questions after the Dixon Education Association held a public meeting last week.

"Some of the questions were answered but there was also a lot of spin. I feel a lot of questions that were kind of just moved around, it didn't seem as productive as I thought,” says parent Mary Worley.

"I know not every question is going to be answered but it's something that  you have to keep communication open,” says parent Dawn Edwards.

In the middle of the meeting an announcement was made.  It would be left up to the teachers to put the strike on hold and come back to school for two weeks, so students can take the ISAT.

Not everyone was on board with the idea, like Mary, "Basically we want to use you for two weeks so that we cannot lose the state money but we're not willing to work with you a little bit more."

While others were on the fence, "It doesn't necessarily mean they're going to solve the problem. I understand financially it would help,” says Dawn.

If the students do not take the ISAT test within their designated date range of March 11th-March 22nd, 2013 they will lose their state funding.