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Surgery seminar held for Augustana students

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Undergraduate students at Augustana College got a chance to try their hands at surgery.

Students attended a seminar to learn different stitching patterns and suturing methods required by different kinds of surgery, according to Eric Pease, a student who helped organize the event. The seminar was sponsored by the honor society, Beta Beta Beta.

Local physicians were on hand to offer help to the students who were using a needle and thread to practice on pigs’ feet.

“It’s not very common for undergrads to have this kind of opportunity,” said Beta Beta Beta president, Nick Petre. “There are a lot of things at Augie that are like that. We have a cadaver lab that Augie students can participate in their senior year and that’s the only cadaver lab for undergraduates in the state.”

Trinity Regional Health Systems provided the supplies for the event.