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Local school competes for $60,000 prize

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A local school needs your help as they compete for $60,000 as a reward for their “Character Counts” program.

The school submitted one of 113 videos in this year’s Follett Challenge competition, which seeks entries from schools that are designing programs that promote critical thinking, creativity, communication and collaboration among students.

Costa Catholic Academy in Galesburg, Illinois entered the Follett Challenge with their “Character Counts” program, during which the school has been plastered with posters and other messages reinforcing and praising positive traits among students.

The school’s film class also produced films centered on positive character traits such as respect, responsibility, citizenship, fairness, trustworthiness and caring.

Seventy-percent of their score is determined by a panel of expert judges.  Thirty-percent of each competitor’s score is based on the number of votes they receive – and that’s where you can help.

To watch their entry video and vote for Costa Catholic Academy, click here.  Voting is open until March 18.

The two grand prize winners will each earn $60,000.  Third place wins $35,000; fourth place gets $25,000; fifth place is $15,000 and sixth place gets $5,000.