Iowa education and WIC programs slashed by sequester cuts

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About one-third of the sequester-related cuts in Iowa will happen to the state’s department of education.

About half of Iowa’s $12 billion budget comes from federal funding.  Sequester cuts that went into effect March 1, 2013 pulled about $46 million in federal funding from the state.

Iowa Department of Management director Dave Roederer said 205 state programs will feel the pinch of those cuts.

Roederer did not detail exactly how all cuts would be made.  He did say more than 100 Iowa reading teacher positions are affected by the sequester cuts.  Funding for the state’s Individuals with Disabilities Education Act will be cut by more than $6.5 million.   Title I funding, based on the number of children from low-income families are in each school district, will also see more than $4.5 million cut.

Roederer said more than 560 Iowa National Guard soldiers, who are considered full-time federal employees,  would be furloughed for 22 days.   Funding for Iowa’s Department of Health will see $8.75 million in cuts, with about $3 million coming from the Women, Infants & Children program.

Other cuts were less clear, since some salaries are partly funded with federal dollars and some rely completely on federal funding.

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