Four Arrested in Galesburg Meth Bust

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People living in Galesburg can feel more at ease after a big meth bust. A grand jury has charged four people for making meth. One of them is one of Knox County’s most wanted. He and three others are now accused of making meth over the last four years. Thanks to the help of several agencies working together they were able to put them all behind bars.

John Pepmeyer, Knox County State’s Attorney credits teamwork for getting the job done, "The countless hours, the countless effort they spent in developing the evidence in this case.”

Using a search warrant police found the meth lab and 1,500 grams of meth at a home in the 800 block of Abingdon Street in Galesburg.

"It's the most dangerous, labor intensive and the most costly law enforcement has to deal with,” says Rene Sandoval, Director for Peoria Narcotic Enforcement Group.

The house belongs to Steven Cramer; one of Knox County’s most wanted. Amanda Jo Davis, Lloyd Bell and Jeremy Epperson, all from Galesburg, are also facing drug charges. The house is not far from a school and has been cleaned up safely.

Jim Lewis, U.S Attorney for the Central District of Illinois says the police have done their part now they’re asking for the community’s help, "Please pull together and help the people who are potentially involved with methamphetamine, help law enforcement and try to make this community safer for everybody."

The U.S. Department of Justice maintains an online list of locations where law enforcement agencies reported finding chemicals or other items indicative of a clandestine drug lab or dump site.

Some of the sites could have been cleaned to remediate potential contamination and in some cases the home may have been demolished and replaced.

You can view the complete lists online.

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