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“Difficult decisions” ahead for Moline schools

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The Moline Board of Education met Thursday night in closed session for a special meeting to talk about what the superintendent called "significant personnel reductions."

The district is entering its fourth year of cuts, after seeing less money from city property taxes and less money from Springfield.

On Wednesday, Governor Quinn compounded the problem -- presenting his budget to the General Assembly. The plan would cut $400 million from education, a fact Quinn blamed on the state's pension problems.

“We cannot leave our youngest behind because of a lack of political courage on hard issues. Not if we’re going to ensure that every child has a chance," said Quinn.

Together, it's left the Moline School District with no choice.

“Is there much left to cut? I mean, after this round this year, I would say some of the different things we would have to consider, if the funding trends continue, would start to be more impactful," said Superintendent David Moyer.

Some parents and grandparents News Eight spoke with Thursday expressed a willingness to chip in.

“I would gladly pay more taxes for the kids to get better education and more social education with the arts and music," said Sue Synowicz.

Others, though, believe there are cuts left to be made.

"What they need to do is take out some of the extra overhead of people," said Russ Anderson.

But with no tax increases on the table, Dr. Moyer warned Thursday that the next month will be one of difficult decisions.

“I can only control what we have here in Moline, and we don’t get to print money. We don’t get to pay bills late," said Moyer.