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Rocky students get to inspect real human organs

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An exhibit that has attracted nearly 15 million visitors around the world is coming to the Quad Cities.

The unique exhibit is called "Bodies Revealed," and as the name implies, it gives people a close up look at real human bodies that have been donated for science.

Some Quad City high school students got a sneak peek of the display Wednesday, getting a lesson on the human body, inside and out.

It wasn't your typical anatomy class Wednesday inside Andrew Campbell's classroom at Rock Island High School.

Students got to hold real human organs, brought to the class by Dr. Roy Glover, the Chief Medical Officer for "Bodies Revealed."

"It was more interesting to see the stuff. He had examples of organs and stuff," senior Ben Kochuyt said.

Dr. Glover knows a thing or two about the human body. He taught anatomy at the University of Michigan for more than 30 years.

"To get them to think about some of the habits that they develop over the course of their life that will keep their body healthy and strong," Dr. Glover said.

Dr. Glover brought a tar-covered lung to show the damage a habit like smoking can cause. The sight of it had an impact on Kochuyt.

"It made me never want to smoke, I mean it's gross," Kochuyt said.

Students also got to see a heart. "The heart's the coolest cause it's probably one of the more important ones," Kochuyt said.

Although for some it might have been a little gross, there's nothing like getting a hands-on experience.

"You can read about it in a book, you can see a picture of it on television or on a computer screen but holding it in your hand and looking at it very closely, there's nothing that can substitute for it," Dr. Glover said.

Dr. Glover is also the spokesperson for the "Bodies Revealed" exhibit.

"It's the first opportunity that people have to really be in touch with their body and a very close up and personal way," Dr. Glover said.

All of the bodies on display have been donated for educational purposes. "People that donate their bodies to a medical school gives us a really precious gift," Dr. Glover said.

Keeping your body healthy is a lesson that he hopes people follow.

"You'll be able to live a more happier and more productive life and that's what one of the most important messages of this exhibitions," Dr. Glover said.

In the "Bodies Revealed" exhibit, there is 185 body parts and 12 whole bodies on display. The exhibit starts Saturday, March 9, and goes until July at the Putnam Museum in Davenport.