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Quinn urges action on pension reform and budget cuts

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Illinois Governor, Pat Quinn delivered his Fiscal Year 2014 Budget Address on Wednesday.

He said Illinois is in need of pension reform. Having heard many proposals and ideas, Quinn said he is ready to sign a pension reform bill.

As for the state’s budget, Quinn talked about efforts he has taken to avoid unnecessary spending of taxpayer money. Cutting spending, eliminating state facilities and consolidating government commissions are some steps that have been taken.

Quinn plans to maintain funding for are early-childhood education, college scholarships and veterans. Mental health care will see additional funding.

Suspending corporate tax loopholes is one way Quinn plans to begin paying an overwhelming amount of backlogged bills.

Quinn also noted Illinois’ high national ranking in job growth success, which he attributed to the Illinois Jobs Now! program. The jobs have come from construction, school expansion, and Clean Water projects.