Special education at forefront of ongoing Dixon teachers’ strike

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After five days of cancelled classes, Dixon teachers and the school board are at odds over a new contract.

In a meeting Wednesday, the Dixon Education Association (DEA) went through the negotiation process in detail for parents, answering their questions.

The DEA is gaining ground on salaries and healthcare but there has yet to be a compromise on special needs education.

In order to save money, the school board has plans to move special needs students into the mainstream classrooms.

The DEA and board are meeting in the middle in some areas. They plan to keep fighting for special education curriculum.

Without a deal it is unknown when students will be back in the classroom, however administrators say they plan to resume ISAT testing regardless of an agreement with the teachers.

Dixon teachers began the strike on Thursday, February 28. The teachers are striking for better salaries, benefits, and smaller class sizes.

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