RDA plans to link with the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission

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Davenport's casino plan is moving in a different direction, though not necessarily the wrong one according to city leaders.

Aldermen say they're supportive of the Riverboat Development Authority's decision to look for operators on their own, putting the city's proposal on hold.

City council met on Wednesday, March 6th, for the first time since the RDA - which holds the gaming license for Davenport - made their decision on Monday. Also at that meeting was Ken Mimmack, President and CEO of Ingenus Management, which is the developer the city was negotiating with to put a casino and hotel out on the I-280/I-80 corridor.

Mimmack says he does not see all of this as a step back, just a change in momentum.

"We're happy that we were the selected group and we plan on moving forward when those things can get resolved," he told WQAD on Wednesday night. "We're here. We're ready to help it get done properly and get done right."

On Thursday, March 7th, 2013, the RDA plans to renew its license with the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission. Members say that way, they'll be able to work with the Isle of Capri Corporation to see if there are other interested operators out there.

City leaders say they hope that is what it takes to maximize the city's gaming license and bring more gaming profits back to the community.

"I'm grateful for them [the RDA] for seeing this opportunity to move forward and to work with the Isle of Capri and also with the [Iowa] Racing and Gaming Commission," Sixth Ward Alderman Jeff Justin said Wednesday night. "That is where the pressure needs to come from."

Revenues at the Rhythm City Casino continue to fall and the Isle of Capri Corporation has said its willing to work with the RDA to find someone else to take over. The city will send a note to the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission on Thursday, asking them to monitor that progress closely.