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Law could ban Iowa teens from tanning

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Teenagers in Iowa might not be able to get a tan for prom or any other time of year if some lawmakers have their way.

Right now, kids as young as 14 years old can visit a tanning salon in Iowa as long as they have a parent’s permission.  Sixteen- and 17-year-olds are allowed to sign in themselves.

The legislation got preliminary approval from a senate subcommittee in late February.  The Senate Human Resources Committee has to approve the bill by the end of this week for it to remain under consideration.

Some tanning salon operators are not happy about the bill, saying they would lose about one-third of their business if teens were banned from tanning.

Opponents also say a ban isn’t necessary because the Iowa Department of Public Health already has restrictions in place to keep tanning safe.

By state law, tanning salons have to keep detailed records to ensure customers don’t tan too often.