Mallards Offers Safer Ride for Fans

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The Quad City Mallards are making it easier and safer for fans to get to their seats. Its part of a new partnership between the Mallards and MetroLink.

Mallards fans gathered at Rascals bar in Moline before Sunday’s March 3, 2013 game. It’s a start of a new tradition. Fans waited patiently for their ride. Then finally loading up on a bus and headed to the game.

"For those who don't want to navigate the traffic, they don’t want to pay for parking this is a very convenient option,” says Mallards fan David Abdo.

Fans can choose from five different bars and then a bus will take you to and from the game for a cheap price.

"Were making it easier for them, you know, we're offering ticket packages for them to where they're getting into the lower bowl for a ticket price that's a lot less at what normally happens,” says Rascals owner, Ken Bailey.

Ken says it’s a way to get more fans to the games, “It just helps promotes the Mallards which is good for the community,” and get more customers in his bar "Sundays do seem a slow day anymore so anything we can do not only to help out the community but then help businesses also it just works best for both of our interests."

Plus it prevents drunk drivers from getting behind the wheel, "We don't have to have anymore drinking and driving on the roads."

After watching the Mallards win fans got back on the bus and headed back to the bar, looking forward to the next game and another packed house in and outside the rink.

"They've been getting such great turnout this year that it really seems like the people are getting back into it, which is great,” says David.