Inside Ultimate Fitness: I CAN DO IT!

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In my last blog I mentioned that I had signed up for a FREE Fitcore Class at Ultimate Fitness.  My Fitcore class was on Saturday taught by Seth, my trainer from Quad City Personal Training.

I was joined by my 21-year-old daughter, Taylor and my fiance’, Jamie.  It was a 45-minute class.  Taylor and Jamie both tease me about my workouts,  they just can’t believe I am actually doing it.  They often joke and say “do you even sweat?”    Well, I am happy to say I think they have changed their tune after joining in!  Both were breathing heavy, sweating and at one point Jamie was  laying out flat on the floor! :)   Not a word was said when we got back in the car.

Two days after the Fitcore class both Jamie and Taylor were still moving slow.  I haven’t been teased since!  Taylor loved Seth’s Fitcore class and has decided to join me again this week.   I can’t wait!

I am truly enjoying my workouts at Ultimate Fitness as well as my private training sessions with Seth.  I am excited to see and feel the results.  There are times that I feel like I can’t do even one more rep!   In those times I look for the strength and encouragement from family,  the team at Ultimate Fitness and my trainer Seth, from Quad Cities Personal Training.  They all tell me you can do it and you know what?   I CAN DO IT!

You can too and there is no time like today.   Make today be the day your life changes by calling Ultimate Fitness at 563-355-4741 or 309-788-9100.