Familes Cope with Teachers Strike

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While teachers are out of the classroom, so are students, leaving parents figuring out where to take their kids while they are at work.

Amy Lloyd and her son Gabe along with other students enjoyed their day off, “I would still like to see him in school, but I think the teachers are our future so they need to get what they asked for,” says Amy.

Kids should be in school, but their teachers are outside of the classroom, picketing. While some were enjoying their day, others joined the front line, supporting their teachers.

Fourth grader Caleb Allen was one of them. He says it’s a way he can show appreciation for his teachers.Caleb and his sister Faith stood outside of Jefferson School holding signs. Although it’s nice to have the day off, Faith says she wishes she was in school, "Kind of excited, but I do miss my teacher though."

"My husband took an extra day off work to watch them," says Caleb and Faith’s mom, Kim Allen.

She says it’s a mystery on what she will do next week, "Usually my parents help us out a lot when they're here, but they're in Texas right now, so we don't really have a back up baby sitter in place. A lot of our friends work so there's not an easy convenient way to go."

There’s no telling when the strike will end. Parents and students say they hope things will return back to normal soon.

“I most definitely want it settled quickly,” says Kim.

The school district is expecting to offer a free child care service on Monday, February 28, 2013. Kindergarten through fifth grade students will be supervised by district staff members. It will run weekdays from 7:20 am to 2:15 pm.